Saturday, September 4, 2010

I use the basic knot because it keeps the hair out of the face. My girls play hard and sometimes their hair shows it! When I just part their hair sometimes it ends up messy and in their faces. The knot keeps the hair off their faces and helps the hair stay neater longer. Once you have the basic knot down, and I know you do because you have been practicing, you can do different things with the rest of it. You can leave it in one big pony tail like K had in the last post. You can divided it into two pigtails that can be braided.
This is a quick, cute one for school you can tell by K's clothes that is where she is headed!
You could also just put it in two pigtails!
This is B's favorite do for school!
Both of the styles can be put anywhere on the head depending on what you like. B's hair is really thick and down low works the best. K's hair is thinner so we are changing it up all the time.

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