Monday, September 20, 2010

Double Headband

This double headband is a follow up to the headband I did here. I add this second row to keep the hair farther back from the face.
Start the same way as a regular headband. I turned these small ponytails into knots because Little A is a lot more patient than T!
Seperate the next section of hair you want to use and secure the rest back in a ponytail!
Start on the left side of the head and make a small ponytail. Follow the same parts as in the front.
Continue around the head using all the hair you set aside.
Join all the three pieces of hair (one from the left last ponytail, one from the right last ponytail and the front ponytail) for the last ponytail.
Right side view.
Front view.
Finished product from the front top.
You can either do knots or not with this do, both ways look cute! This hairdo works great for short or long hair. It looks great with either thick or this hair too. I did the knots in B's thick hair and didn't like how they looked because with so much hair they really poofed out so I just do the small ponytails!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like this do for church because the hair is back but it is still down around the face. Very soft and very pretty! This do works for short hair since it only uses the front hair and it is good for thick or thin hair!
I started by separating the hair I wanted to use and then put the rest back in a temporary ponytail. This is a little trick I do a lot! It helps keep the hair I want down out of the way. How much hair you have out depends of your girl's head and your preference! Experiment and do what you like!
Start on the left side and made a small ponytail.
Do another small ponytail adding to it the first ponytail. I did one more small ponytail on this side so there were three total.
Make one small ponytail on the left side now.
Then have them all meet together for the last ponytail.
You could do a knot here. Honestly you could do knots for all of them. T is not the most patient girl so I really have to be fast with her hair!
Here is a good view so you can see all the sides!

Take the back ponytail out, brush out the hair and you are good to go!See how the hair just settles around the face so soft and pretty?!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Piggys

This is Little's A's favorite do. It is quick and easy and according to her looks so cute!
You can do a knot or just a small ponytail in the middle front of her head.
Then part it and pull it into a pigtail. The trick is the last time you loop the elastic around do not pull the hair all the way through. This leaves a baby piggy. Yes, A thought of the name herself!
Now do it to the other side and you've got baby pigtails!
This works best on shorter hair! The longer you get it doesn't look as good.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I do this hair do a LOT on younger girls because is keeps all their hair out of their faces! Do you see a theme with me?! This is a favorite with B too because her hair is so thick. A day at school and a regular pony tail is falling all over the place. This do stays!

Once again I started with a knot. I told you I use them all the time! So grab the front section of hair just like for a basic knot and do a knot.
Once the knot is done make a part right in the middle of the hair. Divide the knot in two sections. Part from the end of the middle part to the back of the ear.
Make that into a pony tail.
It should look like this.
Now do the same thing to the other side.
You can leave it like this for one version. This is great for girls with short hair. Or...You can continue the part to the bottom and end it in two pigtails.
Little A wears this do about once a week.
This do is perfect for tiny girls too. T is 22 months and this works great for her.
I do both versions for her.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I use the basic knot because it keeps the hair out of the face. My girls play hard and sometimes their hair shows it! When I just part their hair sometimes it ends up messy and in their faces. The knot keeps the hair off their faces and helps the hair stay neater longer. Once you have the basic knot down, and I know you do because you have been practicing, you can do different things with the rest of it. You can leave it in one big pony tail like K had in the last post. You can divided it into two pigtails that can be braided.
This is a quick, cute one for school you can tell by K's clothes that is where she is headed!
You could also just put it in two pigtails!
This is B's favorite do for school!
Both of the styles can be put anywhere on the head depending on what you like. B's hair is really thick and down low works the best. K's hair is thinner so we are changing it up all the time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This style has lots of different names but in our house we call it a knot. This is my most basic do and it can be made up many many different ways. It can be used with long hair or short hair, thick hair, thin hair and everything in between. Fancy. Basic, Quick. Easy. You'll see once you've mastered this you will be using it all the time! I do and I love it!

Each of my girls has different hair and this works with each of them. K was my patient model here. K's hair is the thinnest, if you can call it that. It was curly when she was little but it all grew out. Enough reminiscing before I cry! Here we go!

I made a small pony tail on the top of K's head. The elastic is about an inch above her scalp.

I used a comb with the pointed end to stick through the pony tail under the elastic and made a hole.

Flip the ponytail through the hole.

Pull the pony tail tight. You could add a spritz of hair spray and then comb it a little to help and stay and look good!
You could leave it like this or pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail like I did to k's.All finished, now go try it and remember practice practice!